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May - June

Spots still available - join in!

$50 for 6 weeks!


Maintaining your dance alignment, strength, and stamina are the key elements of Spring Training.


Spring Training Schedule



A Spring Training Ballet Barre & Pointe


     Grade 9-12

     Ballet & Pre Pointe

B Zumba Primary + Dance Skills


    Grade 1-3

C Zumba Junior + Dance Skills


     Grade 4-6

D Zumba Intermediate + Dance Skills


     Grade 7-9

E Zumba Secondary + Dance Skills


     Grade 9-12



F Zumba Adult (+ mature teens)


     Grade 9-12

F Ballet Barre & Pointe


     Grade 9-12


When looking for these classes in

MY ACCOUNT (parent portal),

you can either scroll to the bottom of the list or filter your search (upside down triangle) using SPRING TRAINING.


Join in!

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