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All fees are fully disclosed.

Payment in full must be received in order to benefit from special offers.


Course Fee

includes in-class instruction and

access to home practice videos.

• posted every session

• based on class type

• due upon registering

• HST included in the fee

• Refund available (Policies) 

Membership Fee

includes administrative functions

and full access to website

It is used to

- maintain our studio-class-management system
- maintain our website
- maintain studio communication
- offset insurance fees
- offset music license fees

- etc.

• expires December 31 every year

• HST included in the fee

• Non-refundable

Dress Code

purchased by you

at a dance shop or online

(See Dress Code for guideline)

$ vary


Costume Fee

ordered by SKR for you

November 1st

$ vary

approx. $125 - $150

• fee TBC - based on pricing & shipping

• HST included in the fee

Stage Jewelry

for Grades 1+

ordered by SKR for you

November 1st

pierced earrings $17

clip-on earrings $17

necklace $23

• HST is included


is available to order

at the beginning of every Session.

T-Shirt / Tank / Pants / Jacket


Costume Garment Bag

I love Dance - pins


all fees are already discounted

• lowest fees guaranteed!


Special Offers

Early Bird Discount

• Referral Coupons

Loyalty Points




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